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Timi is a seasoned data governance professional with a passion for sharing his expertise and insights on various data governance topics. With a solid background in Canadian Banking Compliance, Timi possesses a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, and the critical role data governance plays in ensuring compliance and risk management.

Currently, Timi is employed by one of Canada's largest banks as a dedicated data professional, where he drives data governance initiatives and helps shape the organization's data strategy. His keen eye for detail and meticulous approach enables him to implement robust data governance frameworks, ensuring data quality, privacy, and security are upheld to the highest standards.

Timi’s journey in the field of data governance began during his tenure in Canadian Banking Compliance, where he developed a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in managing sensitive financial data testing for PIPEDA requests. This experience equipped him with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that organizations face in their data governance journeys.

Recognizing the value of knowledge sharing, Timi regularly contributes thought pieces, articles, and blog posts to industry publications and online forums. His thought leadership pieces reflect his passion for data governance and delve into a wide range of topics, including data stewardship, data lineage, data classification, and data governance best practices.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Timi is known for his strong analytical skills, strategic thinking, and collaborative approach. He thrives in cross-functional teams, bridging the gap between business and IT stakeholders to foster a data-driven culture within organizations.

With his wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to data governance, Timi continues to make a significant impact in the industry. He remains committed to driving data governance excellence, enabling organizations to harness the power of their data while mitigating risks and maximizing value.

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